Pre-Opening Management

This task involves assisting our clients review the pre-opening/re-launch budget, conducting financial forecasting, and reviewing and assessing the proposed launch activities of the property submitted by the operator or appointed management.

Our main priority throughout the entire process is to ensure a smooth handover from contract to operator or designated management.

The three phases at a glance:

Phase I
  • Management of development and operational schedules
  • Set-up of product and service standards
  • Property positioning guidance
  • Compilation or review of pre-opening and first year operation budget
Phase II
  • Development marketing and communication strategy
  • Search and evaluation of PMS, RMS, CRS, CRM, IDS Channel Managers and POS
  • Pricing and revenue management tools
  • Establishment of a procurement system foe supply management
Phase III
  • Search of key executive team members
  • Development, set-up and implementation of operating guidelines, policies and procedures
  • Assist with the opening program and launch